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Menampilkan postingan dari Januari, 2011

weird hobby

guys,, i wanna tell you a story of mine,,when i was young (1998) , i always share a story of lie with my auntie,, she is 7 when i was 8.. ahhaa,, and i called her auntie,,
a story of lie,, how to make it?? it's so simply ,, 1st,, you just say the lie,, dont even say the truth... 2nd,, make your story more interesting with something nonsense 3th,, feel free to say what you need to say,, (that in reality is not exist) 4th,, you'll be a liar,,, a big liar,,, hahaaa
but,, now i know that a lie can be something good now i can make a good story,, so i wanna be a great novelist,,,
*it's not my resolution in 2011,, but it's my resolution for day by day

The '2011' Light

heyyy,,, it's me again (of course,, it's my blog ,, ahhaa)

Fika Aras Ardita
20 years old
and it's 1st January 2011
i don't go any special place,, just play around the city (read: Bogor)
and,, this is what i got..
i called them the light of 2011

we don't play fireworks
but we play the light,,,
greetings... ^_^v