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Menampilkan postingan dari Februari, 2011

Thank you for all

this is what i got from you: 1. smile 2. laugh 3. friendship 4. warmness 5. jealousy 6. patient 7. tears 8. comfort 9. feel ashamed 10. crazy 11. spirit 12. sad 13. happiness 14. madness 15. suspicious 16. broken heart 17. magic 18. hope 19. love 20. silent 21. pure 22. loss of appetite 23. surprise 24. beauty 25. life
and so many more,, thank you so much for give me all of this,, thx,, very priceless experience..
dedicated to you

Alexander Rybak

i didn't know alexander rybak before,, one day, i was googling,,, and, violaaa,,, i found alexander rybak's picture with violin. you know, i really really love people who play violin. i watched Alexander on youtube,, aandd,,, i love his song! all of his song. amazing. he play violin very well. he's really good!!!!!!

here's his biography ...
and this is my favorite..